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August 22nd 2.37pm]

Hey guys!

So, your lovely mods, the_pressure and I, have talked and decided that due to the fact that it is August 22, and we know that some people who are participating in this ficathon are in the process of moving back to college or starting classes right now, and the fact that some people didn’t comment to the last post exactly on time, we are extending the ficathon deadline TWO WEEKS.

That means the new deadline is Monday, September 5

So breathe a sigh of relief, mark your calendars, and keep on writing. ^_^

Thanks everyone!

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Participation Confirmation Post [Tuesday
August 2nd 11.33pm]

It's time! :) Sorry this is a bit late (the date has been amended accordingly).

All participants must confirm their participation in the contest by August 3 via a comment to this post.

Thanks, everyone! :)

July 25th 3.51pm]
Applications are now closed.
Assignments have been emailed.
This is a short list of people joining in the fun. Remember, don't ask people in the ficathon to beta. It spoils the surprise if you happen to be writing their story.


If you didn't receive your assignment please use the email listed in the user info to contact us.

Welcome! [Monday
July 18th 7.36pm]

Welcome to inside_ficathon!

Your friendly mods are the_pressure and scarletumbrella.

We created this community in order to run the first ever ficathon for the marvelous Tim Minear show, 'The Inside.' We think the show offers lots of great fodder for fics, and we hope to that lots of the show's fans will come here and participate.

Any good ficathon needs some basic guidelines. These guidelines are also posted in the userinfo, in case you need a quick reference.


1) Under no circumstances are you to post your ficathon entry anywhere online before it is officially released on the community. After that, you are welcome to post it anywhere and everywhere your heart desires.

2) Do not have someone who is participating in the ficathon beta your fic. Since you won't know who you are writing for, you might ask them to beta their own request, which is no fun for anyone.

3) Please do not tell any participants what your request was. Please do not tell any participants what your assignment was.

4) DO NOT post your finished fic in the community. Email it to: theinsideficathon@gmail.com with the subject line "THE INSIDE FIC - do not open till xmas". This email should include your LJ name, your assignment, and your story.

5) Fics should be a minimum of one thousand (1,000) words and a maximum of five thousand (5,000) words.

6) The deadline for dropping out is July 31. If you have to drop out you MUST contact us at theinsideficathon@gmail.com as soon as humanly possible. If you have not completed and emailed your submission four (4) days after the deadline, your assignment will be passed to a backup writer. In addition, we will be asking all participants to confirm their participation in the contest by August 2 via a comment in the Drop Out post (the one right after this one).

7) The deadline to submit your fic is August 22.

8) Stories will be posted two (2) weeks after the final deadline so that stragglers and people who are asked to write backup fics will have time to do so. The date is currently set at the 3rd of September.


Fill out this form and post it in a comment to this post.

Pairing (if you want one):
Three things you want to see in your fic:
Three things you don't want to see in your fic:
Things you cannot/will not write:
Are you willing to write a back-up fic?

Example of filled-out form:

Name: Johnny Smith
Pairing: Paul/Rebecca
Three things you want to see in your fic: a funny hat. two chickens. the mention of apple pie.
Three things you don't want to see in your fic: peas. penguins. flying rats.
Things you cannot/will not write: slash, smut, stories containing the word pink.
Are you willing to write back-up fic? Yes

Got it? :) Good. We hope you enjoy this ficathon as much as we know we will!


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